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Community Service Navigation

We believe in helping individuals achieve their goals, whether through building resumes, finding employment, applying for government benefits, or finding housing properties and resources. Our trained student Service Navigators and clients develop action plans that are specific, time-oriented, measurable, realistic, and achievable.

Emotional Support


We believe that every human being is deserving of respect, compassion, and hope. We work with clients with unconditional positive regard. Every individual, regardless of circumstance or capability, deserves emotional support, affirmation, and motivation to reach the next stage of their lives.

Community Relief Funds


Qualifying homeless individuals and families in our case management program are eligible for emergency funding for rental assistance, bus vouchers, basic needs, and medicine. The goal of our fund is not a hand-out, but rather to relieve the stress of day-to-day survival, allowing our clients to focus on getting their lives back on track.

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Homeless Service Navigation

Our volunteers are trained to navigate local homeless resources and communicate the location, eligibility, and benefits of the resource to individuals facing homelessness. As an example, if someone needs access to a shower, our volunteers are trained to direct individuals to available community resources that have shower services.

Access to Basic Needs

Our volunteers utilize donations both from generous individuals and community businesses to provide homeless individuals with access to hygienic products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine products, razors, etc.), clothing, food, and water.

Relationship -Based Outreach

Grassroots Organization

Volunteers are selected for their passion for positive social change and dedication to our mission’s statement of solving homelessness at its roots. Selection is determined through an interview where college students are asked for their views about community homelessness as well as their opinions of governmental policies that act as barriers for homeless individuals. 

At the chapter level, our student volunteers present to their peers the current state of homelessness in their respective communities, as well as discuss the the work Mustard Seed Project is doing to help combat it. In addition, we invite our past homeless clients as guest speakers to shed light on the misconceptions of homelessness.

Recruit and Train Volunteers

Educate the Public

We encourage our volunteer coordinators to continue to innovate ways to improve street outreach experience, both for our volunteers and the people they meet on their trips. This can include reaching out to local groceries to ask for in-kind donations, or promoting meaningful reflection at the end of each outreach trip.

Innovate Volunteer Services

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